Vote for Your Dodger All-Stars

By Aaron Bensoua


The All-Star Game is coming and your favorite Dodgers need your help. The annual Midsummer Classic is taking place on July 13 at Angel Stadium in Anaheim and now is the time to vote in the starters for each team. This year, as it’s been since 2003, the winner of the All-Star Game gets home-field advantage in the World Series. The American League is on a 12-game winning streak, but the National League, with help from the Dodgers, is looking to start a new streak.


However, the only way a Dodger can become a starter on the team is if the fans vote them in. Between now and July 1, voting is underway and you can vote up to 25 times at or look for the All-Star Game kiosks at Dodger Stadium to vote as many more times as you’d like.


Several young Dodger fans shared their opinions on which one of their favorite Dodgers deserved to go to the game.


“Andre Ethier is the best Dodger. He definitely deserves to go,” said Charlie, 10, of Los Feliz. His younger brother Oscar, 4, had a different Dodger outfielder in mind.


“Manny Ramirez! He hits a lot of home runs!”


So whether you want to see Ethier, Ramirez, or Matt Kemp in the All-Star Game, the only way they can start is if you vote. You have the power to see which players play in this very important game.


Of course, you don’t always need on-the-field reasons to pick a Dodger. Carly, 17, of Simi Valley had her own special reason for voting for Russell Martin.


“I’m going to vote for him because he’s really cute,” she said.

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