Happy Halloween

There was a survey conducted for this Halloween by the National Retail Federation listing the top-10 Halloween costumers for 2010. Though being a Dodger is a great Halloween idea, it didn’t make the list. But there certainly are Dodger connections to that list. Here goes:


1. Princess — Now the Dodgers have never had a princess, but they have had a prince — former catcher Tom Prince, who played for the Dodgers from 1994-98.

2. Spider-Man — Believe it or not, the Dodgers have had a spider — third baseman/outfielder Spider Jorgensen (1947-50).


3. Witch — This might be a stretch, but the Dodgers haven’t had a witch, tin man or scarecrow like in the Wizard of Oz. But they did have a Lyons, former catcher Barry Lyons (1990-91).


4. Pirate — The Dodgers once had what many consider to be the best Pirate ever. Before Roberto Clemente became a Hall of Famer with the Pittsburgh Pirates, he was a Dodger minor leaguer.


5. Disney Princess — There may be no greater baseball Cinderella story than the 1988 Dodgers, who weren’t favored to win the National League West, but did. The New York Mets were supposed to run through them in the NLCS, but they didn’t. And the mighty Oakland A’s were heavy favorites in the World Series. Yet the Dodgers beat them, too.


6. Action/Super Hero — Where do we start? Andre Ethier, Matt Kemp, James Loney, Clayton Kershaw, Chad Billingsley, etc., etc. etc.


7. Ghost — The Dodgers once had a player with a spooky ghost-like name — pitcher Mysterious Walker (1913).


8. Vampire — Today’s most popular vampire might be “Edward” from the Twilight movies. One of today’s most popular Dodgers is Kershaw, whose middle name is Edward.


9. Batman — The Dodgers’ main batmen in 2010 were Kemp (28 home runs and 89 RBI) and Rafael Furcal with a .300 batting average.


10. Star Wars Character — The Dodgers have had a Luke (Prokopec, 2000-01) and three Walkers (Dixie 1939-47, Rube 1951-58 and Mysterious again).

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