Little Baseball Star

He’s called the Little Baseball Star. The YouTube video of him consistently

hitting 80-plus MPH fastballs has been viewed 300,000-plus times. His father,

Luis, claims that 80 isn’t where he stops. He hits 90 MPH as well.


The Little Baseball Star is named Ariel Antigua, who recently came out to Dodger Stadium and later visited the Jimmy Kimmel Live! Show. Both visits he didn’t say much.

was invited to show his skill on the Jimmy


“He’s not that good on the mike, but get him in batting practice, he’ll do his thing,”

said Luis.


With a bat in his hand, Ariel impressed Dodgers like Ronnie Belliard.


“He’s unbelievable man. Hitting 90?” said Belliard. “He’s going to be a great hitter.”


Dodger hitting coach Don Mattingly added: “He’s a natural. Can we sign him now?”

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