Hu & Kuo Visit a Little League

Baseball dreams are the same throughout the world.


So it was a major thrill for a group of Taiwanese Little Leaguers when heroes Hong-Chih Kuo and Chin-Lung Hu conducted a clinic on March 12 in Taiwan on the Dodgers’ recent tour there.


Hu coached the kids on the form you take while fielding ground balls and Kuo gave quiet counsel to some potential pitching stars.


“See those kids. They can throw, huh?” explained Kuo. “When I was young, I could throw like that. That’s why I’m in the Major Leagues.”


Said Hu: “When I was young I saw pro players and they taught me the same thing. Now I have this opportunity, I can teach like those guys.”


And those kids obviously appreciated it, swarming the two Dodgers afterward during a photo shoot.

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